« One Health » Congress – June 30, 2020


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Address: FIAP – Jean Monnet | 30 Rue Cabanis | 75014 PARIS | FRANCE

Bleu-Blanc-Cœur, Valorex and the INRA (Europe’s top Agricultural Research Institute) are glad to invite you to this congress, where scientific knowledge will be shared, exposing the systemic health link existing between soils, animals and humans. #OneHealthParis


8.30am Registrations

8.45am Opening Ceremony of the « One Health » congress

by Philippe MAUGUIN (INRA’s CEO) and by Pierre WEILL, Jean-Pierre PASQUET et Bernard SCHMITT (co-Presidents of the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur association).

9.00am « One Health: For another view on agriculture, food, and health »

Founding conference by Michel DURU (Agronomist, INRA ‘s Director of Research, Environment et Agronomy ; in charge of implementing for the INRA the innovative project: « Agroecological transition of sustainable food systems »).

9.20am Are consumers anxious? Are they still omnivorous? Have they become a big mystery? What do they expect in the end?

Claude FISCHLER, Sociologist specialised in human nutrition, Research Director at the CNRS (France’s national scientific research center), will deliver its critical analysis of the situation and the emerging solutions to approach “eaters” and meet their needs.

9.40am A 5-minute pitch on consumers’ expectations when it comes to food 

Results of the qualitative studies led for Bleu-Blanc-Cœur by independent experts.

9.45am « One Health » round table: « Is it possible to conciliate, and therefore build an approach based on, soils, animals and humans’ health? »  

Avec Marie-Benoit MAGRINI (INRA), Jocelyn MARGUERIE (Réseau Cristal – Veterinarians Network), Thomas UTHAYAKUMAR (WWF – World Wildlife Fund), Bernard SCHMITT (Nutritionist Doctor), Jean-Pierre PASQUET (Milk producer / farmer) and Arnaud DAGUIN (Pour une Agriculture Du Vivant – For A Living Agriculture).

10.30am Morning break

10.50am Great observers’ findings and opinions on the relation linking soils, animals and humans

Introduction by Pierre WEILL from Bleu-Blanc-Cœur.

  • 10.50am Thanks to improved agricultural practises – conciliating nutrition et sustainability in a plate is possible!
    • Guillaume MAIRESSE (Valorex) and Vincent COLOMB (ADEME – French Environment & Energy Management Agency) will showcase the implications, the measures taken, and the results of Bleu-Blanc-Cœur products’ life cycle analysis led for the ANR (Agralid – AGRiculture, Food and Sustainability) program, and within the Agribalyse methodology (an ADEME, INRA and other experts’ work coalition).
    • A 3-min pitch by Bleu-Blanc-Coeur pork breeder Didier ROISIN: (LA COLLEGIALE)
  • 11.10am To vary and diversify animals’ feed (and therefore implementing National Nutrition and Health Program on animals), is beneficial for the health of animals and humans!
    • Nathalie BAREILLE (ONIRIS – National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering) et Fabrice PIERRE (INRA) will deliver key learnings of their researches, highlighting that a well-fed animal lives better and is less subject to illnesses.
    • A 3-min pitch by Bleu-Blanc-Coeur cow’s milk producer Thierry CHAUVEAU (FERME DE LA BAZINIERE)
  • 11.45am Using human health to drive a more virtuous agricultural foodchain!
    • We will take a deep dive with Hervé BLOTTIERE (INRA) into the microbiota universe, as he will explain how food can play a major role in its modulation and, in the end, on civilisation diseases.
    • A 3-min pitch by Bleu-Blanc-Coeur Health Professional Olivier GEOFFROY (Clinique Pasteur of Toulouse)
  • 12.00pm Never alone: These microbes that build plants, animals and civilisations.
    • With Marc-André SELOSSE (CEFE – the largest French research center in Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology).

12.30pm Morning’s wrap up by Pierre WEILL

12.45pm Bleu-Blanc-Cœur Lunch Break

2.15pm Challenges of tomorrow’s food offer – promises not to discard.

By Béatrice de REYNAL (NutriMarketing – nutrition and innovation).

2.30pm Diets of the future – issues and implications!

Introduction by Michel Duru from the INRA.

  • 2.30pm Improving food nutritional density through the development of suitable production methods.
    • Ronan THIBAULT (University Hospital Centre of Rennes) will showcase progresses of the currently-led medical study establishing the link between « food diet and quality of breastfeeding milk ».
      Marie-Josèphe AMIOT-CARLIN (Research Director of the Human Nutrition department at the INRA)
    • A 3-min pitch by Bleu-Blanc-Coeur Co-President Bernard SCHMITT (CERNh)
  • 3.10pm How to vary and diversify animals’ feed (and therefore implementing National Nutrition and Health Program on animals).
    • Hervé JUIN (INRA) et Guillaume CHESNEAU (Valorex) will outline the key findings of the PROLEVAL research program, highlighting usable tools to support the agroecological transition: « More local leguminous crops to substitute imported soy: levers, technical and economic impacts, agricultural and environmental assets, as well as perspectives »
    • A 3-min pitch by Bleu-Blanc-Coeur Vegetal Production member Laurent ROSSO (TERRES UNIVIA)

3.40pm The Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio: a true marker of health, from soils to humans.

By CAPT Joseph R. Hibbeln, MD Acting Chief, Section on Nutritional Neurosciences, at the NIH (National Institute for Health, USA)

4.30pm Round Table « How to successfully ensure food systems’ agroecological transition towards One (and only) Health »

Avec Christine CHERBUT (INRA), Sylvie DAURIAT (Restau’Co), Pascal BALLE (La Nouvelle Agriculture), Caroline FARALDO (NGO : Fondation Nicolas Hulot), Anthony BERTHOU (Yuka)

5.30pm Day’s wrap up – toast to friendship

If you are interested in participating in this event :

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